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    The employment exchanges (compulsor notification of vacancies) act, 1959

    The object of this Act is to provide for Compulsory Vacancy Notification to employment exchanges


    The Appropriate Government by the Notification in the Official Gazette, appoint in this behalf for such State and different dates may be appointed for different States or for different areas of a State

    When not applicable

    The Act is not applicable to following:

    • Any employment in agriculture, horticulture etc.
    • Any employment in domestic services.
    • Any employment, the total duration of which is less than three months
    • Any employment to do unskilled office work
    • Any employment connected with the Staff of Parliament

    Filing of vacancy notification

    The Appropriate Government by the Notification in the Official Gazette require that form such date as may be specified be Notification, the every establishment in the Private Sector or every establishment pertaining to any class or category of establishments in Private Sector shall, furnish such information or return as may be prescribed in relation to vacancies that have occurred or are about to occur in that establishment to such Employment exchanges as may be prescribed, and the employer shall thereupon comply with such requisition

    Time limit for notification of vacancies

    Vacancies, required to be notified to the Local Employment Exchange, shall be notified at least one week before the date on which applicant will be interviewed or tested, where interviews or tests are held, or on the date on which vacancies are intended to be filled, if no interviews or tests are held


    • An employer shall furnish to all the Local Empoyment Exchange, Quarterly Return in Form ER-I and Biennial returns in Form ER-II.
    • Quarterly Returns shall be furnished within 30 days of the due dates , namely 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December
    • Biennial Returns shall be furnished within 30 days of the due date as notified in the Official Gazette

    Offences & penalties

    Offences Penalties
    Failure to notify vacancies 1st offence, fine up to Rs 500, subsequent offence, Fine up to Rs 1000
    Refusing or neglecting to:
    • Furnish the information or returns
    • Furnish or cause to furnish any information/ return, knowing it to be false
    • Refusing to answer or giving any false answer, in relation to any information sought for
    • Impending the right of access to relevant records/ documents or right of entry to the officers entitled to inspect
    1st offence, Fine up to Rs 250, subsequent offence, Fine up to Rs 500