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    What is internal complaints committee?

    Under the POSCH Act an employer must form a Internal Complaints committee(ICC) a body to receive complaints of sexual harassment at workplace from aggrieved womens and make recommendation to the employer on the action required on such complaints made.

    How many members are in the internal complaints committee?

    The Internal Complaints Committee must consist of atleast 4 members in which the presiding officer needs to be women and out of 4 members another member should be women.Also this should be ensured that one member has to be from a third party or NGO who has some experience in such type of cases.

    What are the two most common types of harassment?

    The two most common types of harassment are-

    • Quid pro quo harassment(something for something)- Quid pro quo is lating word which means "something for something".This type of harassment occurs when a employee directly or indirectly is submit to sexual advance in exchange of benefits such as promotion or increments.
    • Hostile work environment harassment-When a environment becomes hostile due to continuous sexual or gender based activities and comments which interfere in employee's ability to his or her job.

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