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    What is Fire NOC?

    Fire NOC issued by the respective state fire service verifies that a building is resistant or unlikely to observe any fire related accidents. By meeting certain guidelines laid down by the fire department, an applicant can obtain Fire NOC for his residential/ commercial building. The guidelines vary according to different states.

    Why is Fire NOC important for your building?

    Statistics indicate that every year, thousands of people are killed across the world as a consequence of fire and fire related accidents. Moreover property and goods worth crores of rupees are destroyed every year due to fire outbreak. The implications of fire in buildings can be serious and many companies may not even recover after a mishap. Therefore it is important to secure Fire NOC to ensure safety for yourself and your business.

    Categories of Fire NOC

    • Education Buildings
    • Residential apartment Buildings
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals and Sanatoria
    • Custodial Institutions
    • Telephone exchange
    • Assembly buildings
    • Multiplex buildings
    • Mercantile buildings
    • Industrial buildings low hazard
    • Industrial buildings moderate hazard
    • Storage buildings High hazard

    Required Documents for FIRE NOC in Haryana

    following documents need to be submitted along with the application form of haryana fire license for registration of Fire NOC haryana or Fire NOC in gurgaon.

    • Fire fighting scheme approval from a competent authority.
    • Permission Letter/BR-3
    • Fire staff information like name,qualification and contact number.
    • ID proof/Authority letter
    • Building Details
    • Applied for number of towers
    • Total Tower Approved
    • Remaining number fo towers
    • Authorisation letter with Employee ID proof
    • Photo of condition of working fire system
    • Fire Consultant Certificate
    • Sanctioned Building Plan
    • Alaram or Ventilation Consultant Certificate and many more

    If you need assistance for fire NOC in gurgaon or you want to get fire NOC renewal you can contact us we will help you to get the Fire NOC haryana or Fire NOC gurgaon following all fire NOC norms.